Why didn't I get the "Avid Climber" Badge after ADZ 5X?

Just curious. I definitely completed the Alpe Du Zwift five times but, no badge was awarded. Why would this be? I did Road to sky twice, fire & Ice twice and its also on Quatch quest which I completed. Any thoughts?

You have to choose and complete the Alpe de Zwift route specifically to get credit.

Have you logged out and back in? Sometimes achievements are only awarded next time you log in.
I have done the Alpe without specifically doing an Alpe route (ie: I did Jungle Circuits and then turned up the Alpe manually) and got the achievement after my 5th outing

Thanks but, there is no “Alpe du Zwift” route in my selection. There never was. So, what do you mean?


The route is called road to sky. That is the Alpe route.

You shouldn’t need to use the road to sky route, I got it and I usually choose jungle route and then manually turn up the alp.


If there is no route requirement then perhaps they did a uturn at some point or didn’t reach the top as many times as they thought. I have read that some people have had to do it one extra time to reach 25 though.


Best to confirm with strava using the zwiftinsider verified alp segment.


You’re right! I cross referenced with Strava and for some reason, two of the ADZ climbs were not recorded/verified segments. Weird. I guess I have to climb it two more times to get the badge.

Sounds like you have a fun day planned! :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

I think one of the things that can happen is that when riding the Alpe multiple times on the same ride the user does not ride far enough past the start of the climb (i.e. toward the jungle) before making the u-turn to start up again. I have read elsewhere that you should go all the way to the dirt before turning around, but I don’t know that to be required.

Make sure to also select the Everest/Alp Challenge in Zwift as the tour option so you can log in 50,000 meters of climbing and get the Tron Bike. If no challenge or a different challenge is selected even if you have 2,000,000 meters climbed you won’t get credit for it in the Everest challenge and you’ll be unable to unlock a very popular bike.