Route Badges for Alpe Due Zwift and Volcano Route

I’ve been focusing on taking out all the routes in zwift for about a month and I was wondering how to obtain the Alpe Du Zwift badges for climbing it 3 and 25 times and doing the volcano circuit laps. I’m confused as how the badges are earned because I believe I went up Alpe Du Zwift along with the radio tower bonus between three to four times, but I don’t know if it suppose to be set in a route for it to count, and for the volcano I’m not sure what route I need to select to get my avatar in the circuit to lap it multiple times. I did Alpe Du Zwift this tour and last year(I’m uncertain of doing the event in 2019.) along with me riding up the mountain in between that time normally but not set in a route a few times to go up it. Can anyone clarify on how to achieve those badges.

The radio tower is off the Epic KOM. The Alpe is Road to Sky route. It’s also included in Tour of Fire & Ice. And some others that include crazy climbing.

The Alpe du Zwift badges only require you to do the climb, doesn’t matter if it is part of a route or free ride. You need to make sure that you do not make any u-turns during the climb, going straight up from bottom to top. You’ll know if you complete the climb (i.e.,it counts) if and when you see the spinning prize wheel.

The Volcano Circuit has two route badges as well as the three lap count badges. The route badges are simple. Select the route and ride it w/out making any turns. The badge will appear when you finish. The lap badges only requirement is that you complete the laps in one ride. This is different from the AdZ badge which can be accumulated over 25 different rides while the Volcano will require 25 laps in a single ride.

Of you haven’t collected the 100 K badge, you will get it on the Volcano 25.
Use a TT bike and you will get an extra 10 XP everytime you go under the banner, it’s pretty flat.