Road to sky rewards?

Hello Zwifters :wave:

I’ve just completed road to sky for the first time today and have received the route badge.

Did I miss out on some sort of spinning wheel for a prize? I did unlock “Zwift patterned gloves” but this was after I turned level 14 I don’t think it came from completing the climb?

I am a little confused as couldn’t find any info online but I was looking forward to some sort of prize wheel at the top?


Hello James,
Did you really not have the spinning wheel on your screen, just after going through the arch at the top of the Alpe? It’s only visible for maybe 5 seconds or so, and after the exertion and in the excitement, it could be easy to miss. Here’s a recent example:

From your activities, we can see that you did get some gloves for hitting level 14 (nice one, by the way).
You may have also won gloves at the top of the Alpe. The Alpe gloves are unique, with distinctive red polka dots on the backs. If I were you, I’d have a root around in your avatar’s choices of gloves in game to see if you don’t have these, along with the others.

If you really didn’t get the spinning wheel or one of its rewards, it’s time to bust out a trouble ticket with Zwift. :frowning:

EDIT: The Alpe gloves have red polka dots like the Tour de France mountain jersey, not checkered red/white like I originally wrote. In your garage/asset locker, they are just labelled ‘Zwift’, so there’s no indication that they come from summiting the AdZ.

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The spinning wheel can be hidden behind the route badge notification graphic.

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Thanks both, I have taken a look and dont have red and white checkered gloves or any other new items.

I will create a support ticket and see what they say.

WIll send an update here once I have one.

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There’s an intermittent bug where the wheel doesn’t show up at all. I’ve had it before. Probably just got unlucky.

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That’s rough. I hope they sort you out quickly.

I’m doing the Alpe about once a week at the moment and I have to admit that the extra XP rewards from the spinner at the top (after you’ve won each of the prizes once already) provide strong motivation to go the distance.

Spoke to a very helpful Angie on the live chat.

“There’s a few things that could cause the wheel not to show when reaching the top of the Alpe. Primarily, this is caused by losing connection to Zwift at any point during the climb. We do show a few BLE disconnects during your Road to Sky ride today. I recommend reading over this (cant share links on forum) for some suggestions on how to help strengthen your connection to Zwift during rides.”

I am pretty sure I know what happened… Half way through my ride i switched to the music app (Apple TV) as my playlist had finished. When i came back to Zwift i had stoped cycling. Looks like this would have been the culprit… I connect my bluetooth headphones to the apple TV as a way to hear the ride ons and any ambient sounds from the game along with my music.

I do have the option of using ANT on my PC with better graphics too. but the big screen is nice to ride on.

They cant give me the rewards after the fact. I will go up again soon now that I have a time to beat.

Thanks for the quick responses from everyone!

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I accidentally stumbled into Alpe de Zwift today. Newbie, on an old MTB hooked to my trainer… and looked in routes for a shortish climbing ride and Road to Sky looked perfect. Haha.

After a long haul, I got to the top, saw notification for the route award and earning a new helmet. But I kept riding to the very end, a sort of dead end at the top of the mountain, and the game just ended with a shot of the big monolithic cyclists. But I couldn’t continue, couldn’t turn around and do the downhill - which I was looking forward to getting my average speed for the session back up a bit. All I could do was end my ride. When I rejoined I was back at beginning of route. Anyone else experience this? I’ve search all over and can’t find a thing about it


I don’t think the ride actually ended. When you are riding around the circle at the top of the Alpe and in 3rd person view, the view will zoom out for about 15 seconds and give you a view of the large stone people, but you are actually still riding around the circle. If you keep pedaling the view will eventually zoom back and and you’ll find yourself headed back through the banner to start the trip back down.

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Hmm. It stayed on that screen for longer than that and wouldn’t budge, but then I probably did stop peddling. The UI changed, the menu no longer had U-turn. Certainly had no indication of what to do. Thx for the reply

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Are you on Apple TV? There’s a known problem with ATV crashing/hanging at the top of Alpe du Zwift.

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No, using iPad Pro. Seems just a case of poor UI… Nigel above is probably right, I should have just started pedaling again and maybe it would have come back. Next time I try AdZ I will u turn after the finish and not risk it though :slight_smile:

At least I finished it while level 6 and gives me a benchmark to improve

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