Summit Seeker Robopacer

Not sure where to put this for an answer, but was there not suppose to be a spin wheel at the finish of Road to Sky? I just finished this with Beth Cat B and I did not get a wheel after crossing the finish, nor where there any power ups on the ascent or decent.


Hi Jason,

I was on the same ride as you, 4 behind you to be exact. For what its worth, i got the the spinning wheel at the top and then awarded the wheels.

Operating system: Mac OSX



Did you get any powerups ascending or descending?

Ascending yes, got the + 3 times.
I did’nt descend.

Hi Jason,
I did neither get any powerups ascending nor a spinning wheel at the top. However, I got one powerup (feather) at the arch before the descent starts.

Upon thinking more, I did get + power ups ascending, but they didn’t swap through the choices like usual, they just appeared. No matter I guess, I was hoping at least for a chance at the wheels, but once again denied.

Was there a leaderboard at the end of the ride? It was probably covering the wheel so you didn’t see it.

Hope you enjoyed the event.

There are no power ups on the ascent (you might get XP)

Possibly what happened, I just looked on Strava and their is a leaderboard picture that was taken at the finish.

The exact same thing happened to me. There were numerous displays overlapping the screen at the same time. I ended up finishing 3rd, but didn’t get the wheels and already had the gloves and helmet. It doesn’t look like I was awarded any xp either in place. Also same regarding no power ups on the way up even though I broke most of my PRs.

Is there a way to tell if you got extra xp in place of the gloves or helmet if you actually landed on those and already had won them as in my case ? I did not actually see the spinner wheel and I know I didn’t win the wheels. I also saw very little change in my overall total xp total pre- and post ride. So, I just would like to know for future rides whether to use the robo pacer again or stick with other methods for this climb that ensure both wheel spins and power-ups.

This isn’t a Robo Pacer thing, this is ANY EVENT on the Alpe that has a leaderboard.

It doesn’t actually have anything to do with the Robo Pacers.

I don’t believe there’s a way to find out what the spinner gave you.