No more spinny wheel?

Hi there,

Completed the Aple stage of the Tour this morning, and noticed that as I passed the finish there was no spinning wheel of prizes this time, just a notification that I have unlocked the Zwift KOM gloves.

Does that mean the wheel is history, or it just doesn’t appear at the end of the tour stages but still does it you climb the mountain on a normal ride?


Same for me! I didn’t get a spin.

I don’t think I saw the wheel either on my Tuesday morning stage 7 ride.

Were you holding an unused power up?

Yes I was … didn’t really see the point of firing off an Aero powerup on the way up the mountain, so I held on to it for the descent.

The fact that you are asking indicates that makes a difference …

I got the wheel yesterday after completing stage 7. Yet another pair of gloves!!

I used mine up before crossing the finish line.

If you are holding a power up you definitely don’t get the ‘spinny wheel’ at other KOM or Sprint points, so perhaps it is the same for the wheel at the top of the Alpe, even though the rewards are different. Not positive on that, though. You could always climb it a couple more times to see what happens, :crazy_face:


I’ve seen posts in other discussions confirming that if you are holding an unused powerup when you cross the banner at the top of the Alpe, then you will not get the wheel of fortune.

No other sprints or KOMs have the Wheel of Fortune. They do give powerups, yes. And no, you don’t get a new powerup if you’re holding one.

But as far as the Wheel of Fortune goes, I’m not entirely sure. I doubt I’ve ever held a powerup all the way up AdZ.

I can understand not getting another powerup at an arch if you are already holding onto one, that makes perfect sense, but the prizes for the wheel of fortune at the top of the Alpe climb are very different and actual, usable in game items rather than a powerup that you will lose if you don’t use it before ending the ride anyway. Not being awarded one of those because you had a powerup would be a pretty poor show.

I was awarded a pair of gloves, but I have no idea whether they are a wheel of fortune item, or I unlocked it by some other method … it was only my third climb of AdZ so it seems unlikely that it was a reward for that. Can anyone confirm whether the Zwift KOM gloves are a wheel of fortune prize?

Yes. The gloves are the most common prize, I think.

Indeed the gloves are a ADZ winner. I think the ADZ lottery goes something like this. (why Zwift hasn’t fixed the you still have power up no luck for you situation is beyond me)

EXP Bonus 30%
Helmet 30%
Gloves 30%
Lightweights 10%

Having finishing ADZ on Stage 7 of Tour of Watopia, I got nothing. Upon inquiring with Zwift support, I was informed “Due to technical limitations, we can’t give you a reward for reaching the top of the Alpe”.


Same here this morning: no spinning wheel, no ‘reward’…

I completed my first ever ADZ climb Friday in the Tour of Watopia Stage 7. I did not have a Power Up passing thru the gate, did not see the Wheel of Fortune, but did receive the helmet.

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I also found that if you are still doing your workout as you cross, no wheel of fortune.

I thought I noticed that behavior before but then I have also seen that I got the wheel while in a workout.
I’ve just started ending my workouts before I get to the top.
You can press “tab” button to skip ahead on the workout segments.

Interesting, I have gotten the Frame twice in the past week.
The last was during the TDZ stage 3.
I thought “what a nice touch if everyone got an extra 1000 points”.
I don’t think they did.

I’ve just rode up the ADZ and I too didnt get the wheel of fortune! I didn’t have any power up the only difference was that I was using sterzo for steering, can that effect it? Really annoyed as I’m still waiting for the lightweights