Alpe Wheel of Fortune missing

I thought I’d after the super lightweight wheels that can only be won on the Wheel of Fortune at the finish line of Alpe du Zwift [and its hard going when you are 5 month short of 70 years old! Last week got the Wheel of Fortune [but not the wheels]; BUT this week I make it to the top an NO Wheel of Fortune ! The only difference was that this week I used 2 power-ups on the way up; is that what cruelly stopped the Wheel of Fortune from appearing ?

Using powerups is fine. You were just unlucky and something went wrong.

Did you have a power up in your possession as you crossed the line? I believe this can stop the wheel appearing.

Congratulations for making it up the Alpe at such a young age. Remember once you’ve been up 25 times you get a badge for such an achievement.

Thank you Steve - I just can’t afford too many of these events !

Stuart, No power-up in use since a couple of turns before the top.
Is the badge exchangeable for a pace-maker ?
Do they have them in the Drop Shop ?


No pacemaker but when you get to level 50 you unlock a de-fib.

Hopefully the lack of reward hasn’t put you off going back up the Alpe. Have you tried Ventoux on the France map, it’s quite a bit longer but less steep and once you get into a rhythm can be enjoyed rather than survived.

Carry on enjoying Zwift and I hope anybody reading this post draws inspiration from you.

Ride On!

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Just out of interest, how do you use 2 power ups on the way up?

You are given power ups at various points up the Alpe. 3 I think. On subsequent ascents you will see a countdown to the award that if you don’t reach in time you don’t get.

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Ok, I did it for the first time in a while last weekend. But I started it while doing a workout so you don’t get the PU’s obviously.

The Ven Top is unfinished business for me. When they first released it I tried on a Sat morning and got to Chalet Reynard? When my wife called up saying that we had to go shopping [ disappointing on many levels]. Two weeks ago I tried again and the elastic broke at 1237m / 17km
The problem for me is that the Ven Top is a) higher climb and b) it’s relentless, there seems to be nowhere on it to get any recovery.
As to Level 50: I chased the levels till I got to 30 then I realised that flat courses get you there but don’t build the kind of stamina you get from climbing, so I started on the Everest challenge [wrongly thinking] to get a Tron bike at the top of Everest. Well I got up Everest , was pleasantly surprised to be awarded a Trek Emonda and gutted to find out that you have to do do 50,000m for the Tron. So that’s why I’m chasing the super lightweight wheels, and I’m no longer chasing the levels because there is a ceiling at 50.

Where do we find the time limit ?
Last week I got there in 119 min. Is 120 the limit ?

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The countdown is whether you get a power up or not on the 3 sections. The countdown appears on the map that appears on the right of the screen.
The time I think is based on your last effort up there.

There is a badge for reaching the top in under 60 mins also.

60 minutes ! I have no chance to match Marco Pantani, although we don’t know exactly what he was fuelled on - what time could I do on the same ?

I would need a motorcycle to do that!