Alpe du Zwift prize list

(Shane Seagreen) #1

Hi Fellow Zwifters,

I have been trying unsuccessfully to find a list of prizes\rewards that are obtainable for completing the Alpe du Zwift climb; so far I have personally seen the wheels, shoes, gloves and helmet.

Ive read there might be a jersey, what else have folks received for completing this climb? Or if there is a link listing out the rewards, please share :grinning:


(Markus) #2

I’m still waiting for the Lightweight wheels. I’ve climbed it six times now and got the gloves five times and the helmet one. But I will keep climbing it until I unlock the wheels and finally complete the Everest Challenge and get the Tron Bike.
But after I got those things I will probably stay away from that mountain.

(Shane Seagreen) #3

Maybe Im a bit unlucky then as I have completed this route 23 times so far :joy:

(Anton) #4

Folks, to get that tron bike you should complete not only one everest challenge, but another 41150mt of climbing. Guess it will be hard do not like riding mountains after that;-)

(Shane Seagreen) #5

Im not asking about the tron bike, already unlocked that 5 months ago, just trying to figure out what the potential rewards are for finishing this climb as I cannot find a list anywhere other than gloves helmet and wheels.

I was surprised to get the shoes last week, and wondered what else was left to get.

(Anton) #6

Ah, sorry mate. Are you sure you have not applied for other climbing / distance challenges same time? Like wahoo climbing challenge…

(Shane Seagreen) #7

Just realised the shoes were actually a level 27 unlock, pure coincidence that the wheel of fortune stopped at the same time as the I got the shoes banner for dinging! :joy::rofl:

So original questions stands: is there only gloves, helmet and wheel-set for completing the climb?

(Daren) #8

Yes. 4x helmet, 3x gloves and 1x wheelset on the Wheel of Fortune. If you land on something you already have it’s +250XP instead IIRC.

(Markus) #9

Of course I know about that :wink: Currently I have about 34.000m of climbing in that challenge, so I still have some work to do.

(A) #10


1x 2000 XP
1x Lazer Bullet Helm


1x Zwift cap (?)
1x KOM Gloves


1x Wheelset: Lightweight Meilenstein
… more to come


Always use the Trek Emonda with f.ex Zipp 202 if the Meilenstein arent available:

(Lin) #11

iirc, I was somewhere around 15x before I finally got the Lightweight wheels. Last week from 20x-26x while getting the Mas0chist badge, I go the Lightweight wheels 4 out of 6 ascents. Go figure!

Keep climbing, you’ll eventually get the wheels! Now is a double good time to be climbing since you can also unlock kit via the Wahoo Climb mission.

(Daren) #12

Praise RNGsus!

(Jim) #13

I was lucky and got the wheels on my eighth attempt. It also happened to be a 30-day PR. I’m not sure if that affected the outcome of the spin, but maybe…

(Daren) #14

I’d assume not. I know I haven’t got them but I have had PRs, and the sub-60 minute achievement. Got the “5 times” one last night. I would be very surprised if they were weighted in any way, particularly given some people like Shane have climbed many more times and still not got the wheels.

(Markus) #15

I climbed it twice again today and won the helmet twice. So I guess I will keep climbing it a few more times …

Update: Another four times today - still no wheels :roll_eyes:

(Mario Kulero) #16

Is the Wheel of Fortune active when I climb it in Workout Modus? Ask me only because the powerups are not active on the way and I do not want to climb AdZ without a reward.
6 times up, 5 Helmets, 1 Gloves so far

(Markus) #17

Yes, it is. I also did it in Workout mode several times already.

( Maya [Fear<] [Wkg] C) #18

Hi all,
Is anyone having the same issue I am experiencing when getting to the top? The wheel of fortune just disappears while isn still turning and I get NO reward whatsoever. Happened last week and also 2 days ago. I Emailed Zwift and sent them my FIT. Files already, waiting for a respond now.