Can going up Alpe du Zwift in Workout Mode count as a spin

I am enjoying climbing AdZ, but wondering if I was to go up that route while I’m in a programmed workout, if it will count towards the badge, a spin at the wheel, or calculated meters towards the Z1 (Tron Bike)?

I figured it doesn’t in any of those cases because I’m not actually riding against the force of the true grade of the climb. I realize that it also could because even if I selected a 100w workout, I would have to commit to the time it would take to ascend the mountain at the speeds afforded 100w.

Thoughts or insight?

Thank you

It should still count for all those things.


I am interested in this too.

a 1hr45min training session (Yellow Unicorn) got me to the top with 10mins still to go yesterday and I skipped them as I was worried I’d not get to spin the wheel.

It would be heart breaking to climb all the way and not get a spin.

Would be grateful if someone could confirm for sure.

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Hi @Derek_Soutar

I am pretty sure you get the prize wheel so I checked Zwiftinsider (see #6) and Eric confirmed that you do get the prize wheel.

Great, thanks @Gerrie_Delport

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My recent attempts have not been credited with a prize spin. Be warned!

Just be ready for some gloves. :gloves: but yes you get the spin, xp, etc.

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Thanks for confirming your result in getting a spin. But, be warned of what?

@Gerrie_Delport thank you for the confirmation and the link to review. I did a free ride today and just stayed near 200w for each of the 21 (22) segments. Since it is my third time up now, it is also showing my previous PB’s which is a nice motivation.

Side note: For those that just put their head down and ride. I learned that AdZ offers these time bonuses while ascending. They seem to be around the same spot. You will see a countdown timer show up on the map section. If you reach that spot on the map before the timer runs out, you get a power up. Forgive my mixing up comments, but figured you guys/gals wouldn’t mind since it still had to do with ascending Alpe du Zwift. :slight_smile: :wink:

Thanks everyone and have fun out there. Off I go to get my Z1. :smile: :smiley:

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Be warned it’s a long ride and lots of effort for a very high chance of no spin at all.

I dont think that is true for the majority.


I have always got a spin of the wheel after 25 times up the Alp. I always go up doing a workout to maximize the XP points.

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I just did a workout up to the top and got the spin. Got the extra XP because it spun a helmet again. Gave me 900XP because of that. Which lines up to what should happen when landing on an item you already have in your garage. Going to try it again as a recovery ride and hope for good fortune.

One thing for sure, the workout mode was much harder than riding it naturally. Because at least on ride mode, if you need to ease up a bit, you can. Na ah in workout mode, you are on whether you like it or not. Likely why it still gives you credit up and XP. Have fun out there and I’m glad a few others were wondering and now know the answer.

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Thanks for reply. It’s clearly an intermittent issue but I have had it twice in a row.

I rode ‘tour of fire and ice’ in workout mode last night.
The workout finished half way up the Alpe, so I just decided to carry on and do the full ride to the top.
I enjoyed the ascent and getting to the top, but no ‘wheel spin’ or ‘badge’.