Finished alpe du zwift but have no prize spin

Finished alpe du zwift but have no prize spin. is it a bug for me?

Is it possible that you had an unused powerup? That can result in no prize spin.

Good grief what an awful way to learn that lesson, if in fact that’s what happened :grimacing: @Tse_Joyson This is generally true for any arch—if you don’t have a power up as you pass through, you’ll get a new one (or sometimes an XP bonus); but if you have an unused power up, the arch won’t give you a new one as you pass through it.

i dont have power up all the way to the top… all just xp bouns points

I assume you didn’t make any U-turns on the way up, either.

Were you doing a workout when you went through the arch?

No u-turns… no workout… just normal at the road… I did have power ups a weeks ago… but disappear at these few days

It’s a mystery, then. I did the Alpe on Saturday (after the latest update), and I did get a prize. What platform do you use?

I’ve had this before, the roulette wheel showed up but didn’t spin. Stayed there throughout the descent then just disappeared when the Alpe timing display went off. Windows PC.

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thx my man

Not really a solution though. :joy: Unless you just wanted to know it wasn’t just you.

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So u still having this problem at this moment?

Not sure, it’s quite a while since I last climbed it. Sorry I can’t be of more help.

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