Alpe Du Zwift - no spin

Hi, in the last couple of months I have been up the alpe twice and on both occasions I didn’t get a wheel spin at the top.

Is this a bug or is it due to the fact that I am doing a workout during the assent? As first I thought when it happened in December that I didn’t see it but this last time I checked again and confirm it didn’t work again. You can see a screenshot in attachment, if you need more information please let me know.

I’m pretty sure that you don’t get a spin if you’re doing a workout when you pass under the banner…just like you don’t get a power-up spin if you’re doing a workout when you pass under the other banners.

I thought so too but a friend was riding with doing a workout of his own yet got the reward spinner when he went under the banner. Really strange


I did a workout up the Alpe yesterday, and I am 99% sure I saw the prize wheel. I remember because it was my 5th time up, so I got a badge, and for the fifth time in a row I got the gloves. :frowning:

@Darren_Bender quick off-topic question - I had a look at your activity and was curious why your intervals are 1x35sec and 1x2:05sec. Congrats on your AdZ PR!

It is a bit of a hack to earn slightly more XP:

And thanks - one of these months I will get it below 1 hour!

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Same for me tonight on a workout and last week the same no opportunity for a spin whilst others in the workout got the wheel??!! Very odd