No Spinning wheel on top of the Alpe during workout

This morning I did a workout, on the ADZ, Road to Sky.

I did “3x15 FTP Intervals”, during my workout I reached the top but there was no spinning wheel.
As this was a workout, I had no powerups, so powerups are not the problem.
I thought it is possible to do workouts on the ADZ and have the “Spinny Wheel”???

Today, I did another workout on the Alpe, and this time the wheel was present on top of ADZ.
No Meilensteins, but the Lazer Bullet Helmet instead :sweat_smile:

I did Yellow Unicorn up the Alpe this morning, and sure enough, I got a prize spin even though I was still in the workout. (Meilensteins again, for about the 10th time.)

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