Finished Alpe Du Zwift, couldn't spin prize wheel

Just as the title says. Prize Wheel came up after I crossed the finish line, but I couldn’t spin it. After 10 seconds or so, it disappeared. The only thing that’s out of the norm is I accidently touched Arrow Down, which made my character do a U-turn. I also chose a Zwift Road Workout when I started the Road to Sky Route.

Does that disqualify me for a prize even when I did the whole climb? Slightly bitter about it. What are the chances of Zwift GMs fixing this? :disappointed:

Dont be disheartened… you probably missed out on the gloves or helmet that you will get the next 14 times before you get the lightweight wheels. And when you get those, you will realise that the person you got stuck behind on the sticky draft just blew away any advantage you thought you had with you spanky new lightweight climbing bike and wheels.

Oh and to answer your question, IMO, zero.

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