Alpe prize wheel should reset at KOM start

(Daren) #1

I rode up Alpe du Zwift a few times today. But on the third ascent I didn’t get a prize wheel spin.

The KOM segments counted down, but all the junctions were still starred from the previous climb. I think the corners and prize wheel should reset as soon as you go past the KOM segment start on the way down. As it is you have to go halfway to the gate or so.

I got the Lightweight wheels on my 4th scent, so not all bad. But I missed out on 250XP! :stuck_out_tongue:

(James Hodges [KRT]) #2

You think that’s bad? I vEverested on the day of release and only got 1 prize from 9 ascents :slight_smile:

(Daren) #3

Ow! I assume you turned as soon as you passed the KOM marker?

BTW, turns out vEveresting is hard. I managed 4500m then sacked it off. :smiley: 42x24 isn’t low enough for me even with a trainer that only goes up to 7%. =)

(James Hodges [KRT]) #4

Yes turned right at the marker - didn’t want to waste time on flat road. Every extra minute gets you closer to cramp and collapse :slight_smile:

Half a vEverest is a fine effort. Takes a lot of mental strength to keep going.

24t front chainring and 11-28 rear for me using a Neo. Could probably do it on a 34t but then you’ve got nowhere to go when the bonk strikes.

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(Carrie Morton) #5

I did 3 reps of Alpe du Zwift today. I had the same issues – I only got a prize wheel spin on the first rep, and the segment stats didn’t reset on the subsequent climbs.
I turned as soon as I got to the KOM segment start. I guess next time I will try going halfway to the green gate as Daren described… but it would be nice if Zwift could fix this so that the stats and prize wheel would reset as soon as you pass the KOM segment start on the way down.