Alpe du Zwift attempts not counting

Hello folks

Love Zwift. Love the Alpe even more. I have now completed 9 Alpes (all verifiable in Strava) but have only every received 1 true completion - i.e. got the prize wheel and showed on the leaderboard - and, therefore, not my badge for completing the Alpe 5 and the 25 times.

I have raised a number of tickets with Support and they are unable to help. I’m hoping someone here might have insight

  • NO, i did NOT do a u-turn (i’m head down grinding through burning legs… .why would i u-turn!?!)
  • I have made multiple adjustments to my environment as per the suggestions regarding ANT interference.
  • I have run Zwiftalizer on my rides since my successful attempt and I have no drops.
  • it almost always happens about 40-50 minutes into the ride between turns 7-8 or 6-5 (depends on which route i choose - 19.9km or 25.1km)
  • like most, I get to the top and have 20/22 or 19/22 segments completed. i know it’s screwed up when i get to the end of a segment and there is no PR time posted and no star. But by the time i’m 50 minutes into the ride, there is no way i’m starting again.

I saw someone mention you can redo a segment by u-turning to the beginning of the segment and redoing it but that counters the “NO U-TURNS!” rule. do folks know if this works? i’d be happy to try if it means i get credit to my badges and prizes (I want those wheels!)

thanks and take care

NO U-TURNS: Rule dont make a U-TURN ever… BUT if you did then ride to the beginning of the segment and re do the entire segment. This work and I have tested it.

Thanks Gerrie. I do not make U-Turns.

But I do wonder about your tested experiencing of performing a U-Turn and going back to the beginning of the segment: when you got to the top of the Alpe, did Zwift show you had completed the entire Alpe - i.e. did you get the prize wheel and your time showed on the Leaderboard?


Yes Kevin I have made U-Turns, As you complete the segment zwift will give you the star for that segment and when you get to the top you will get the prize wheel.

One possibility might be that you had an unused Power Up when you got to the top. Make sure to use those (press space bar) before you get to the top. Jon

Thanks Jon. I found the issue in my case. My PC Bios needed to be updated. The update fixed an issue where my system time would reset every hour and Zwift took this as a disruption.

So in the end it has nothing to do with interference or the game or cables or u-turns. It’s all perfect now!