Alpe du Zwift attempts not counting

(Kevin Jones CRYO-GEN) #1

Hello folks

Love Zwift. Love the Alpe even more. I have now completed 9 Alpes (all verifiable in Strava) but have only every received 1 true completion - i.e. got the prize wheel and showed on the leaderboard - and, therefore, not my badge for completing the Alpe 5 and the 25 times.

I have raised a number of tickets with Support and they are unable to help. I’m hoping someone here might have insight

  • NO, i did NOT do a u-turn (i’m head down grinding through burning legs… .why would i u-turn!?!)
  • I have made multiple adjustments to my environment as per the suggestions regarding ANT interference.
  • I have run Zwiftalizer on my rides since my successful attempt and I have no drops.
  • it almost always happens about 40-50 minutes into the ride between turns 7-8 or 6-5 (depends on which route i choose - 19.9km or 25.1km)
  • like most, I get to the top and have 20/22 or 19/22 segments completed. i know it’s screwed up when i get to the end of a segment and there is no PR time posted and no star. But by the time i’m 50 minutes into the ride, there is no way i’m starting again.

I saw someone mention you can redo a segment by u-turning to the beginning of the segment and redoing it but that counters the “NO U-TURNS!” rule. do folks know if this works? i’d be happy to try if it means i get credit to my badges and prizes (I want those wheels!)

thanks and take care

(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #2

NO U-TURNS: Rule dont make a U-TURN ever… BUT if you did then ride to the beginning of the segment and re do the entire segment. This work and I have tested it.

(Kevin Jones CRYO-GEN) #3

Thanks Gerrie. I do not make U-Turns.

But I do wonder about your tested experiencing of performing a U-Turn and going back to the beginning of the segment: when you got to the top of the Alpe, did Zwift show you had completed the entire Alpe - i.e. did you get the prize wheel and your time showed on the Leaderboard?


(Gerrie Delport TeamZF) #4

Yes Kevin I have made U-Turns, As you complete the segment zwift will give you the star for that segment and when you get to the top you will get the prize wheel.