Will the Alpe d'Zwift segment map pop up if you keep doing laps of it from just the start of the climb?

Considering riders doing vEveresting attempts who’d want to minimise their time and just repeat ADZ without going the end of a route to reset it. Does anyone know if you can get the segment map from just doing a u-turn a the bottom of ADZ?

Not necessary to get the pop up segment map but it’s definitely a big plus to have it during something like a vEveresting.

On far right hand side of the image in case my description isn’t clear :slight_smile:

when descending, you have to go almost to the bug zapper (the green virtual gate) to the jungle circuit.

You will see the map on the right reset, then you can turn around and start again.


It’s not just the map - you need to let it reset if you want the prize wheel each time.

(Assuming that’s still in game - I read some people saying they hadn’t got it - but if there’s a chance of 1000XP you wanna take it, right?)

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Yep, Gerrie is right. Go down till you hit the dirt (or when the turn signal pops up), then make your u-turn. You will see the map reset. Thus, you will get credit toward your 5 and 25 alps as well as reset the spinning wheel at the finish. Strava will count each climb regardless, as will the total elevation. But for just a few seconds longer downhill, you will get all the benefits of the map and timer. Let us know when you are going for it. You may get some ride-alongs and especially some encouraging 'ride-on’s.


People can do that more than once…?



I get my Tron bike with my next ascent, so I will be doing it only once more!


Perfect thanks all, really appreciate it! Will make another thread about the Everesting to see if anyone from Zwift wants to join in too :slight_smile:


Good luck! It’s a tough ride!

As of today June 21, this has been fixed. The map and reset and everything seems spot on after the update.

Thanks team Zwift!
They also state that they are working on the rest of the known bugs.
Times ahead and behind riders is a separate issue.We’ll have to wait on that one.


Oh that’s excellent, love these small QoL improvements :slight_smile: