Mont ven top no segments

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Mont ven top doesnt appear to have segments like the alpe du zwift. Will it be getting them? Its hard to have an idea of your progress or pr without them.

AFAIK, no.

For visual cues, I’ve been watching for the landmarks along the course, like when the boulder fields start, the tram tracks to the right, and so on. But there’s also the KM ridden on the HUD.

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There are aslo some road side markers, they look like square rocks with over cap that have the distance to the peak etched on them.
But definitely not as nice as the Alpe du Zwift segments.

I find this quite disappointing. This is a feature which on the Alpe have really contributed to my enjoyment and ability to judge performance and pacing. Why is there no consistency between these summits?

IRL the Alpe d’Huez climb is comprised of 21 clearly defined hairpin turns, resulting in easily defined segments, whereas Mont Ventoux is not.

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The 1km markers are good segments to use, they could turn these into timed segments like on the Alpe

Indeed, if it were to be segmented, the km markers would be the way to go.

I use the tunnel, the 9km mark (or whatever is half way to the arch), the Reynard arch banner, and the last tunnel as markers. But they don’t always spur me on. If I am behind race pace, then there isn’t any reason to go full gas. I’ll just do a u-turn if I am too far behind. On the Alp, I just use the overpass and turn 10 (roughly the half point). I always wished the overpasses on the jungle circuit were set 1 km apart but they seem rather random.

Now that you mention this about Ven-Top, I guess I have an unofficial system for the Epic KOM climb. Certainly I know what my pace should be when I exit the castle cobbled section and the covered area of the road a little further up the hill. Not long after that you begin to see the ETA in the HUD… Once you’ve done a climb enough times, you almost can’t help establishing your own sectors for PR pace timing. (I understand that this isn’t as neat a solution as having actual timed sectors with recorded PR times).

plus there are the altitude markers 100M, 200, 300.
Maybe 500 and 1,000 would help on Ventoux?