Ventoux KOM - Timed segments (like with Alpe du Zwift)

When climbing Alpe du Zwift, we get a special map on the right side for the climb.
And on the left side we get a “segment” overview for each hairpin turn with time, Hr etc.

This would be a great feature to add to the Ventoux climb as well, but instead of the hairpin turns you could be using the roadside stones marking each km as a segment.
Please implement such map and segments for the Ventoux!
I would love this feature!

…but the whole point of the Ventoux is the soul destroying grind into a bleak and barren landscape, where the challenge to keep going is mental, not physical. Snazzy sector performance statistics and graphics would ruin that experience…

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It would be great if you could actually READ the roadside stones. Often, they are in shadow, and you can’t read what they say.
At least that’s the way it is on AppleTV for many of the roadside stones.
I made a map/chart that I put on the wall for when I ride Ventoux that shows me where the miles should line up. Perhaps this will be of some use to others.
On my chart, I also have my best times at each mile, manually derrived from rolling the mouse over the graph on Strava.

Benchmarks I use is: the flat swicthback at about 2 km on the map above, first lake, along the river, chalet reynard, rock tunnel, summit.

It would be nice if that could be added to the 3rd party Zwift map or to the mini map.

Soul destroying? It’s just a long climb, it’s not that terrible.

You have the milestones already at the side of the road so why not? They are common on most of the mountains I’ve ridden IRL. Zwift just needs to make those milestones readable.

And you can also use elevation as a guide to progress which I do IRL. I know that say the sommet is 2830m+ then I’m at 2500m+ so I can judge my efforts. And I use a power meter which also helps pacing.


Totaly agree!
I Use Apple TV too and a 32´´ TV and can´t read the stones. So that would be a area of improvement :wink:

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Vote here, posted originally in October 2020 -

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Done Dan Kothlow! :slight_smile:

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