How to read the elevation profile while riding?

Hi all,

During rides and races I have trouble knowing when a hill is approaching. The elevation profile underneath the map seems to change randomly. Am I reading it wrong, or is there another way to know where you are on the course? How do you read it or is there somewhere else I should be getting info from?

You are probably reading it correctly. It changes as you progress through the route but I’m not sure of exact circumstances. You are the orange circle. Inside the circle is a triangle that points in the direction you are travelling (apologies, I dont have the best pic handy but when I beam Zwift to a 55inch tv, its a little more obvious).

It has been raised here before that this view and the elevation profile could be improved but you learn that routes fairly quickly like you would IRL and the odd time you need it for say a new map, it does the job.

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Ah I see! Thanks for pointing out the arrow direction, that’s a huge help! Thanks!

One more thing, once I was riding a race in London and I could see Box Hill in the elevation chart. This disappeared quite quickly after. The race route was a flat one so we did not climb Box Hill, so why did it appear rather than show me the elevation for where I was heading?

That happen from time to time, Zwift does not know where you are going to make a turn so it select a default section to show on the profile once you go past the intersection it will show the correct elevation.
Yes I know Zwift should know the route when you are in a event but at this point it sort of work like a free ride.

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