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I have a feeling there is a cultural problem among zwift staff regarding bugs. In reply to my complaint about the wrong charges being made the support team would not accept it was a bug, rather a ‘matter of development’.

It’s still not completely fixed after more than a month.

Also, there seems to be new features introduced which are breaking old features, which is a clear sign of lack of testing on behalf of the zwift developers. This combined with the lack of recognition of bugs is a severe development issue. The codebase must be a bit of a quagmire.

Oh and can’t even get their prices right:

$19.99 or $21.99?

When making payment the first time this was the screen they showed:

And then proceeded to charge me $21.99. Contravenes Australian pricing laws. Especially when it says inclusive of tax but then they add it on later.

So, i am just about to tackle this for the first time, im all set up ready to go( as best i can be with a recovering dislocated shoulder). So its going to cost $22 instead of the $20?

Hi @Tom_Lynch3773
Did you receive the $2 refund that our agent promised you on October 7? Enough time has elapsed that you should have seen that on your card statement.

For those reading along wondering why there’s a small discrepancy on the bill - Zwift is required by local laws to apply tax in certain jurisdictions. A detailed FAQ on this issue can be found on our

Compliance with a slew of tax laws within many US local jurisdictions as well as the laws of multiple other countries is a complex process for our Finance, Accounting, and Web teams. Implementing them correctly so we’re in compliance with all of them AND in a manner that makes it painless for Zwifters takes time. Your frustration is readily apparent, and we wanted you to grasp the scale of this global undertaking.

We appreciate your patience while we continue to hone this to a smooth polish. If you would like to address your specific bill, please email us back and our agents will be happy to help.

Yeah I did receive the refund, but regardless of whether you’re working through it or not - this is a legal requirement to sell a product in Australia that the pricing reflects what you actually pay. So based on that, you should not be selling in Australia until your issue is fixed.

“we wanted you to grasp the scale of this global undertaking.” - maybe you should focus less on expansion and marketing and more on getting your product right.

Yes it will cost more than it states.

Thanks… I just discovered I have been overcharged for the last four months. No prior word from Zwift on the matter. Looks like I have to ask.

To be clear: we are NOT overcharging. We are required by law to collect tax in some regions, and we need to comply as long as the laws are in effect.

This FAQ outlines the changes that went into effect in July 2019, and customers in those regions were notified in several ways:
Existing Zwifters at that time were sent an email.
Folks that started after that date are notified upon checkout at the time of purchase.
We also have the tax policy posted in our terms of service.

We’re not happy about the added cost on your end, or the increased complexity on ours. But we have to pay the tax people. If you want to change that - please contact your local elected officials to change e-commerce laws.

No email or any other such notification. No invoices/receipts from Zwift either. Only Paypal payment notifications. FAQ is as clear as mud.

I am also curious how Staff claims I have not been overcharged when Tom in the same situation is issued a refund.

This is factually incorrect. :woman_facepalming: Here is the checkout page:

Why did Zwift decide to write TOTAL INCLUSIVE OF TAX and then add tax later?

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That’s the exact screen I saw when paying also. Then sure enough the $22 comes out

Are you Aussie Tom?

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