Zwift Membership + Taxes

So this new tax change, all this time Zwift was not actually legal sales tax wise? Or were they really just paying the taxes out of the membership fees and this is a new excuse to raise the membership fees while not delivering any new significant features? It’s rhetorical, I know the answer.

What coutnry are you in?

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They’ve not increased.

And no new features?

Climb Portal
Coffee Break
Video Screenshots
Zwift Play

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Hi @Hugues_La_Ricca - if you received that email - you live in one of the affected regions.

Your Zwift subscription amount hasn’t changed. Moving forward, we’re just correcting the amount of sales tax that your local government requires Zwift to collect. Sorry if the email sounded more dramatic than it is!

I resubscribed because the site said AUD $19.99 and then I got invoiced $21.99. It is clear that you are adding GST after the fact. You talk about complying to local tax laws but you aren’t as you are obliged to show the price including or excluding tax in a clear way and zwift does not. It is misleading and Zwift should in fairness correct this asap or continue to be in breach of Australian fair trade laws.


So, unless you last subscribed 3 years ago, the price didn’t change.
Maybe you shouldn’t Zwift if you are so easily upset.

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Not Zwifting is great advice, I’ve been following that advice for months now.