Zwift is taking more than the $10 USD out of my account

I noticed the Zwift payments are more than the $10 USD subscription, it’s actually $11 USD each month, surely it should only be $10 USD and no more, just like every other company transaction right?  I don’t know of anyone else that over charges the agreed amount.  So I questioned Zwift and this was their response

Pricing for Australia does not include a VAT at this time. However, if our payment system (Paypal) supports your currency, we set a standard price that does not go up or down based on the US dollar. While $14.49 is currently about $1 USD higher than Legacy pricing in America, it is due to the standard price we’ve set in Australia, not an added VAT to you.

And when I asked Zwift to change the standard price down by a dollar to make it the correct amount ($10 USD) and refund me the extra they have been charging, I get noooo Response from Zwift … 8 days later and still no response

Hi Andy, 

My apologies for the confusion with the responses to this question.

As mentioned in your ticket, Zwift has a set price for the Australian currency (AUD) that is inclusive of local taxes and the expected currency conversion rate. As a legacy subscriber, you can find the cost of Zwift listed on your Zwift dashboard. I understand the pricing structure may be a little confusing, so we wanted to make sure it was available to you before any purchase of a Zwift subscription was in place. 

With that being said, we are unable to lower Australian prices, as it is the 10 USD equivalent before applicable sales tax. In order to do business, Zwift must charge and pay the applicable taxes. Please also keep in mind that the membership fee will increase to the same rate as non-legacy subscribers once November rolls around. 

I hope that helps to clear things up. Thank you for your understanding. 

 - Nick L.

You always have the option to cancel if you’re not happy with this massively extortionate extra dollar.

Thanks Nick, my dashboard clears it up.