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Hi everyone, how do i change the currency that i pay my zwift account in ,

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The currency type is dependent on how you sign up for Zwift. I see currently that you don’t have an active membership. When you’re ready to come back, head to at, navigate to your account (profile), then to the memberships tab. Click on “Join Now”, enter in your payment details and the currency should be based off of the billing address that is associated to the payment type that you enter in.

If you’re still having issues, please contact our support staff.


I did this when I first joined and got billed in USD not GBP,
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Andy Vine

I’m sorry to hear that happened. If that happens again @andrew_vine please reach out to us directly as that is not how it’s supposed to happen. If the card you’re using is supposed to be billed in GBP, than that’s how it should be billed and we’ll need to take a deeper look into why it’s not. May even try using a different billing type i.e. paypal, or direct debit to make sure you’re billed correctly.

I have the same issue. I pay thru PayPal and my address clearly shows as in Australia but I’m getting hit with a foreign transaction fee

Same here, hadn’t realised that paypal shows the charge as $21.99 AUD but then the bank is charging it in US dollars and adding a foreign transaction fee. Has been probably happening to 2 of us for a few years now. Am chasing this up through multiple channels but seems to be a combo of sisues. I saw that people have same issue paying for spotify via paypal. I just switched to yearly membership for Zwift just before finally working out this was happening :frowning:

Thanks for the reply. I thought I had done something wrong.

It worked perfectly from August 2021 to July 2022 and the entry on my card showed ZWIFT AUS and there was no fee.

I cancelled then renewed October 2022 and the foreign fee was applied and the entry showed ZWIFT. Was missing the AUS.

Zwift Support said they’d look into it but ended up giving me a refund of one month and another month for free so that was very generous.


I’m waiting to see. Will know when it finishes processing. I’ll let you know.

Hi Gill @Fatty-Roo it was a percentage. $219.99 AUD ended up being $226,58 and a foreign fee of $6.59. So it was $13.18 more. This would not annoy me nearly as much if it applied to everyone but it seems to be hit and miss. Zwift has so far been very unhelpful. The person who answered my email doesn’t even understand what makes up the $219.00 (ie the price plus tax/GST). They then just told me to post on the forums.
I’ve since done my homework and realised that the issue is that because the merchant ie Zwift, processes the payment overseas, the payment attracts a foreign transaction fee. I guess most other merchants we deal with have a local processing of payments so this doesn’t happen. Credit cards which charge monthly and annual fees sometimes have this fee waived which is why some people don’t get this.