PayPal payment

Before my trial ended i’ve set up my PayPal account as a payment method because I was hooked and wanted to continue using Zwift. Everything was accepted, I got confirmation that I was a member, only to find that the payment ‘hit a roadblock’ and now I can’t get on Zwift.

I’ve made sure there was enough money on the PayPal account. I even changed my euros into dollars to make sure that wouldnt be an issue.

I’ve made a support ticket (17303), but as you might understand, im really eager on getting on Zwift so I would like to get some feedback if possible.


Addition: I dont own a creditcard, but I figured that I didnt need one as there is a PayPal option available. 

That is annoying. I will be in the same situation in 30days.

If it isn’t going fast enough to solve this issue, just get a prepaid credit card for the time being.


After no reponse from Zwift I registered for a second time yesterday and got it working, the fee has been credited today. Have no idea what went wrong the first time, especially because all previous data from my initial registration is currently still on my working account. Ow well, Ride On I guess :wink:

 What do you mean you had to register again ?

 Meaning you created a new account with a new payment,  or you just tried to do the payment again ?

 Anyway happy for you that it is working and I hope it is just an isolated case 

Hi T Roctus,

Sorry for the delay - we’re still churning through tons of tickets as quickly as we can (without resorting to one word replies like “No” and “Yes”).

I am also curious as to the “registered again” statement, however.

Hey Eric,

No problem as its already sorted. In regards to your question: I “joined” Zwift again after the trial ended. So I filled in the form for joining Zwift, including my PayPal account. Received the “you made it to Zwift” email again and I could log in.

So either your support office figured out what happend the first time I joined and fixed it, or the second time joining worked for unknown reasons and I could get in.

The only thing I could think off changing is the type of currency on my PayPal account. Changed the euro’s to dollars after I received the error the first time.


Thanks for the update, Tom! I actually see the ticket now and will go ahead and close it.

Again, sorry for the delay!

Hello, Eric, can i renew my members by annual?If yes, is there any discount on annaul payment?


Hi Tse,

We only have a month-to-month membership at the moment.