PayPal Subscription payment fails

(Mike Hoogerland Athl. Mentors) #1

I logged into yesterday and attempted to use PayPal to pay. I was able to get through the entire process but got an error message that the payment failed. I tried a couple more times and once again this morning but continue to get the error message. When I check Payment page in Settings, it does show Paypal as my method of payment. 

I used up my 50K free trial last night and am hoping to ride again tomorrow morning, so please help…





(Mike Hoogerland Athl. Mentors) #2

UPDATE: I found that the card connected to my paypal account was no longer active. After updating that, I tried subscribing again and it worked as expected. Sorry for the confusion.


(Pavlos Krasakis) #3


I am trying to pay through paypal , but is get this message 

There is an issue with your payment. Please
re-enter your details and try again


The paypal card is active. Where is the problem ?