Just subscribed and encountered payment issue (paypal)

ready to rock & roll but zwift kicked back there is a problem with my paypal. My paypal is active and all cards connected to it are fine.

Re-entered payment method, zwift stated that there is already a subscription in place. In the meantime, received an email from paypal subscribing zwift.

Please help, it’s super basic stuff, i simply dont understand why there seems to be multiple issues related to subscription.

Hi Dennise,

I see that account as being active and subscribed. Can you try logging in again?

I’m having the same problem

Fixed it!


Web browser was logged into my wife’s account despite logging into mine via the game. Logged her out of the browser and me in then tried again. Now I’m in

I am assuming that’s why the first post is from Laura but has no content :wink:

Any updates, Dennise?

I have similar problem - entered a debit card number, payment was not processed (not sure why) and now Zwift says there’s already active subscription for my account, but I still can’t log in and ride. In my settings, the membership status says “Zwift Monthly (New)”. Should the payment be rejected by my bank, I’d get an email - which didn’t happen.

I already created a ticket yesterday, but auto response says it may take days to process it … which sounds like a lot of rest days for me …

The same problem like " Jiri Rojicek" described.

I definitely do not have several accounts.

Trying paypal and card - no success.

Is it possible to add another trial miles until the problem is resolved? Do not want to train without zwift today :frowning:

Support says it will take days to catch the ticket by someone.

Ticket is created.


I'm with the same problem. For now it is already two days without Zwift for me . All is right with my card and my paypal account. :-(

I create a new trial user every day. Not good, but better than nothing.

You should be able to join now - this was a database bug that has since been fixed.

Thank you Eric!Problem solved! #rideon

Same here. Paypall payment hangs for minutes now.

You just replied on a post that is almost a year old, I would suggest sending a Ticket to Zwift.



My membership shown expired yet my subscription is active thru paypal. Please help. TQ


You should submit a ticket for this issue: https://support.zwift.com/hc/en-us/requests/new


Closing old thread. If you’re having a payments issue, please submit an email ticket so we can look up your account information. Ride On!