Subscription not working 11

Hi All!
After subscribing to Zwift with my PayPal acount. Zwift has confirmed my membership. But diring the zwift training Zwift ended my training saying that my free trial is expected. When I go back and check on Zwift website, it shows I’m a member. Has enyone had this issue before, or know how to resolve it?

I have the same problem …but I don’t know how resolve it !!!

I’ve sent an email to Zwift customer service couple of days ago. Still waiting for the reply. Feel disappointed a bit.

I am in the same situation I don’t have an Zwift answers

Zwift sent an email :slight_smile: , my problem was that I had two differents Email address , the first for Companion and the second for my account !!! therefore the two address must be the same I hope you will able to resolve your problem :slight_smile:


Hi there. Finally my issue been resolved. No idea how, but it’s working now. Also Zwift came back to me advising the was no issue with my a acount. Hopefully they will come back to you. If not just keep emailing them every day. They might be busy as well. That why is taking them that long. Good luck to you too.

Don’t email them every day. That’s not helpful at all.