I get error during payment process.

Subscription Error


We’ve found an active subscription for this account,
please contact customer support if you are unable
to see your subscription

I keep getting the same thing…No response from Zwift on how to fix it yet!

The same thing is happening to me right at this moment. Not very happy with this glitch at all. 

I’ve submitted a ticket AND contacted then through both Facebook and Twitter.  They’re aware of the issue, but no fix yet :frowning: … I’ve been trying to pay for a week now.

I got this to 


Same here


same here 21359 still unanswered

Same here. Seems like a simple error

They has fixed this issue couple hours ago.

all working for me now

Hey everyone,

This has since been resolved. Just try subscribing again.

Sorry for not addressing it here on the forums more quickly - have been tied up with support tix!

still face this problem

Problem here as well not very good zwift :confused:

I am having the same issue.

same error here, when subscriping, paypal didn’t let me choose a credit card, so payment failed.  After that, trying to do credit card directly, this.

I got this last night, have contacted Support with no response as yet. Very frustrating!

getting same error,  is there a fix?

Hey Chris,

They emailed about a week later and said try again…and it worked. Have you logged it with Support?


Hi Chris,

Try clearing your cache and trying again. This was fixed as of February 2nd but if a NEW issue is cropping up, please let us know.