Zwift keeps telling me my free trial is over

And I cannot communicate in a group ride. Yet I automatically renew my subscription through the Apple App store.

Is anyone experiencing a similar issue?

Yes! I have been cycling on Zwift for 4 months but when I tried to ride today a message came up saying my free trial had expired and I was invited to subscribe, which I do already! After that I couldn’t gain access and missed a Specialized ride. Timing of this issue might affect my Off the MAAP Tour now too.

I have been on Zwift since early 2017 and this is the first time I see a message like this.

Have you contacted Zwift support? Perhaps the more of us contact Zwift the quicker they will sort out the billing issue.

Not yet, I’ve just come off and quickly searched for any similar issues, but I will do.

@Tim_Lin and @Jen_Wrench If you are running Zwift on AppleTV login then at the bottom left after the pairing screen is a “restore purchases” link. Click that.

This happens when there is an issue between Apple communicating your active subscription to Zwift. No need to contact support it’s an easy fix. Only happened 1 time to me when I was using AppleTV and never happened since I cancelled iTunes subscription and now pay through Zwift’s website.

Thanks so much for taking the time to help @DKE_Watson ! I went on this morning to try and sort my access but the communication seems to have happened automatically now and I’m back on. I just had to pair my speed sensor etc again - hopefully the same is true for @Tim_Lin . Grateful for your advice and happy I know what to do if it happens again.

yup, same happening to me, after contacting zwift support the response was be patient with us(really)this has been ongoing 3 weeks now, might be worth contacting them in case you have the same issues with billing.

Thank you @DKE_Watson and @Jen_Wrench!!

I came across another other post, titled included here in case someone else experiences the same issue and stumbles across this post while looking for a solution: ‘“Free Trial Expired” ~17km in to Ven Top. Paying member for over a year’ (The forum forbids posting links.)

I logged out and logged back in. I did not have any issues this morning. Woohoo!

Even if we can address the issue ourselves, I still think we should contact Zwift. Plenty of people use Apple App Store to manage their Zwift subscriptions and have been for years. It seems bit absurd that Zwift and Apple cannot sort this out and end up causing headaches among us subscribers.