Zwift Saying I'm on free trial?

Has anyone been asked to pay up early during your normal monthly membership? During a ride today I noticed the 25km countdown at the bottom of the screen. When it ended it said my free trial was over? And I couldn’t continue unless I paid. My membership wasn’t due to expire for almost 3 weeks.

Are we getting ripped off? They do this to thousands of people at once and are not held accountable. Well they are about to see their membership numbers drop if we need to pay $40 plus every month.

Hi John!

Are you Subscribed through the website, or through Apple iTunes? If subscribed through iTunes, have you tried clicking on the ‘Restore Purchase’ button? If that doesn’t help, you might want to contact the support team by emailing

Hey Seth
Yes I’m through Apple. I’m already paid up two weeks ago so they shouldn’t have asked me again? Checked my statement and Zwift has taken over 40$ this month.

I’m a little upset.

You might want to contact the support team by emailing

I had to cancel my subscription through apple on my phone and repurchase via PayPal. Then deleted my app and reinstalled it on my Apple TV. Frustrating I know but got it fixed!