Bumped into "Free Trial" mode [iTunes payment]

Can someone from Zwift please explain why, despite having a fully paid up subscription, i’ve been bumped into free trial mode.
No amount of signing out and back in again changes it.
I first noticed this last week after the recent update. Thought it might clear itself after a few days, but seems not.

Obviously i’d appreciate it if you could sort this out asap


You mean it says like “60 days remaining”?

Maybe try looking at this. Idk if it’ll help or not.


Do you pay viia the Apple App Store/iTunes?

Errr, i don’t know if the Zwift Pixies have sprinkled their magic dust on my account, but it appears to have fixed itself already !. So, much thanks goes to little people of planet Zwift for sorting that out (if you did?)

And - as above -
a) nope, i was locked into a 25km limit
b) yep, i pay via the app. But the monthly subscription was paid and cleared last week

If you pay via iTunes - there’s an additional step where you sync Apple to Zwift by clicking “restore puchase.”

Step by step instructions here

Why would i need to reactivate my membership every month ? I have a rolling subscription with you, just like thousands of other Zwifters.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. (And it only happens after an update). Although, i have never ever had the “in-game message saying your membership needs to be paid” mentioned in that link. However, it usually clears itself the next day.

This is the first time i’ve been “locked out” for an entire weekend, so i thought it best to bring it to your attention

There are differences if payments are made to Apple vs payments made directly to Zwift.

If you’re paying Zwift directly - the “restore purchase” does not apply to you.

Yes, i understand that, but, i’ve been a fully paid up member for a couple of years now. Always paid via the same method. This has happened about three or four times in that entire period, and only after my monthly payment has coincided with a software update. It’s never happened on a regular “non-update” month.

As i say, it’s fixed now, so i’m not concerned. But it may be something the programmers need looking into