Still in free trial mode despite paying for membership

Could someone advise me please? I had full membership but paused it for a month due to riding outside. I renewed it yesterday but my account on the app still has me in the trial mode. Zwift have charged my credit card and have set up repeat renewal for a months time so I don’t see why Im not benefitting from the full membership, What have I don’t wrong?

On what device are you running Zwift? Do you happen to see a link that says something like ‘Restore Membership’ in the lower left corner of the screen?

iPad. I do get that option but it doesn’t work. I get an error message when I choose it. When I go to my account on the web it says I’m a member and my membership was paid yesterday

You probably paid via iTunes. I‘m having that problem every month, it is well-known. When I quit Zwift, log in again and choose „restore purchase“ it works.