Resumed Zwift membership but still on "free trial" mode

I’ve resumed my Zwift membership on 13.3 and my CC has been charged accordingly on same day. However, as of today 15.3 the Zwift app still says that I’m on free trial mode with 3 kms left.

I find it very annoying to have paid for a service, and not being supplied with that service.

Do other Zwift users have the same experience?

Hi Joao, welcome to the forum!

Did you pay via iTunes? This is a well-known problem, the iTunes store doesn´t pass on the payment information in time. The only help you´ll get from Zwift is the tip to change your payment method.

Thanks for the welcome!

No, I didn’t pay via iTunes but by credit card.

That´s strange. Must be a different issue then. You should try to contact Zwift support.

What’s the contact for Zwift support? At zwift dot com / contact-us, the “Email us” button doesn’t work (and I’ve tried it in Safari, Firefox, and Chrome).

Hi i have the same problem. I have paid today but my acc is only activating on the 1st of feb. How can i cancel my zwift and get my mony back.? I have paid and i have to weight 14 days before i can use zwif. Very angry
Support help. Please.