Membership renewal issue

I renewed my membership and am paying via Apple, and getting receipts for payments. However I have not used it much since doing so. Today while on a meet-up ride I got a message saying my free trial was about to expire, and I got thrown out rather than it moving to my account. Any ideas what to do?

Hi Ian, welcome to the forum!

We’re in the same boat, I had that problem far too often. The problem is that Apple is very slow with letting Zwift know that you paid. The problem only happens if you pay via iTunes. On the first day of the new subscription month you will run into this issue. The only way to avoid it is to change your payment method, I’m afraid.

I wanted to stick with payment via iTunes and solved the problem by starting the new month shortly after midnight. So Apple has a couple of hours to report my payment to Zwift before my first ride in the morning, it seems to work and I never had the problem since.

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Hi @Ian_Clarke_LWCC

As Sepp said, welcome to the Zwift Forums!

I’m Steven with Zwift’s support team, and took a few moments to check your account. I was able to refresh the connection between your Zwift account and your Apple ID, so that should have resolved the issue with your membership. You may need to force close and restart Zwift, but it should be fine now.

For future reference, if you ever run into this issue again, you may be able to resolve it yourself by selecting the “Restore Purchase” option in-game at the drop-in screen. You can find instructions in this article.

Thanks so much Sepp!

Hi Steven,

Thanks for this also.

I can’t remember offhand when I renewed my membership — you’ll probably have seen that on my account. But it was at least 2-3 months ago.

This probably means I’ve paid for Zwift for 1-2 months at least and it has only now been remedied, from what you say.

While I appreciate you doing that, wouldn’t it be fair to reimburse my membership fee for that period, since as far as Zwift is concerned, I haven’t been a member -/ even though the fee has been paid?



Hello Steven, thank you for the information. I’d like to point out that I tried the “restore purchase“ option several times on my AppleTV, it never worked. The only option was to quit Zwift (very annoying when you’re in the middle of an event …), and after logging in again the “restore purchase“ option worked immediately. I pointed this out to Zwift support several times, never got an answer apart from asking me to choose a different payment method.

I don’t know if this particular problem still exists on AppleTV as I found my personal workaround. Maybe you can check it, this problem pops up here far too often.

Hi @Ian_Clarke_LWCC

You’re welcome, and I’m happy to help!

If you’ve paid for Zwift for the last few months but didn’t use the membership due to a technical issue with your account, I understand why you’d want a refund.

That being said, refund requests are typically handled on a case-by-case basis when you write in to our team for support (e.g. here). Plus, I cannot (nor would it be appropriate) for me to discuss the details of your account here on the Forums anyhow.

Furthermore, you should be advised that technical limitations make it so our support team cannot refund Zwift membership/subscription fees if the payment was processed through Apple iTunes. The reason why is that Apple uses a separate payment platform compared to those Zwift memberships subscribed directly through Zwift’s website. Zwift’s support agents don’t have access to Apple’s payment platform, so again we technically have no way of issuing refunds for Apple subscribed Zwift memberships.

As I understand it, some circumstances allow Apple to be liberal when it comes to refunds if you’re only needing 1 or 2 months of refunds, so I would strongly advise that you contact Apple Support directly, and inquire as to the possibility of a refund with them.

Hope that helps!

Hi @S_Bierbichler (Sepp), I’m happy to raise this issue up again, but as far as I’m aware, it’s a longstanding known issue and I’m almost positive I know what payment bug it’s related to. I’ll update this Forums thread with the appropriate bug report number, and do what I can to get some attention on it, but again it’s a long standing issue, so I really can’t say when a fix can be expected.

Currently, the suggested workaround for those Zwifters impacted by this issue is as you say: cancel the Apple (iTunes) subscribed Zwift membership, and re-up your membership directly through Zwift’s membership page.

I am having the same problem. Zwift is charging me over my PayPal but kept saying my trial expired and wants me to renew through my Apple. Anyone knows how to fix that problem?

i renewed in apple app store today, before even starting zwift as i knew i needed to. apple app store shows i am subscribed. when i start zwift it says i am on trial and does not offer to renew purchase or even purchase membership. i tried completely deleting zwift and re-adding and no help. i am on the latest version of ios 16.2

I am not sure this is a good solution. If you subscribe in the app store and cancel, you still get charged. When you “cancel”, it just changes the app status from “renews x date” to “expiring x date, you can still use the app to x date”. It doesnt refund.

It may need more time for Zwift to recognize the renewal. If the trial is still in progress, you may get a prompt when the trial expires that will help. It’s always safer to renew on the Zwift web site to avoid problems. If you cancel via Apple and want a refund you may have to contact Apple support to get it.

well, likely slow today as you said. I thought of just trying to bring it up on AppleTV app instead of phone and went through the login process just in case that was any different (offer to restore purchase option). And that just “worked” Went back to the phone and that appears to say I am subscribed (never asked to restore purchase for either app). Either it was just slow or maybe someone fixed something on the back end. Anyway, looks like I am okay for at least a month now.

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