Membership renewal

my user ID is xxxxxxxxxxxxx@xxxxxxxxxxx
Im unable to renew my subscription via apple pay
can someone help please - Maybe refresh my profile?


EDIT: Admin removed Email address.


You are best to raise a support ticket go to and hit contact us (top right) and go through the bot help screen which will let you raise a ticket.

Have you done ‘restore purchase’?

Hi @Hussain_Almohri

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I took a look at your account and refreshed the connection between your Zwift account with your iTunes account several times, but it comes back each time that the membership through iTunes has expired. You may want to check your iTunes account and make sure there’s no errors there, and that your payment information there is up to date.

Hi @Hussain_Almohri welcome to Zwift forums.

Please note my colleague @JohnP’s advice and check your membership status on iTunes.

I will be locking this thread now because we do not handle matters related to your account to protect your privacy. If you need further assistance - please contact us offline and we’ll be happy to help!