Membership renewal via Apple not working [March 2024] [1.60]

I renewed my membership via Apple however my Zwift account is still showing me as a non-member. Help would appreciated on this. Thanks.

This is the most common renewal related problem. Paying via Apple is not reliable. It is possible to fix it but it will probably happen again. Sometimes it just takes some time to process it, sometimes you need to contact support and have them sort it out. The best long term solution is to pay Zwift on their website unless you have a strong reason to pay via Apple.

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Thanks Paul for reply - Zwift it is.

Hi @Steven_Walls welcome to Zwift Forums! Thanks for renewing your membership via Apple, I’ll be glad to help you get back to Zwift.

As @Paul_Southworth mentioned, sometimes, some Zwifters who are paying their memberships through Apple receive a message that they are on a free trial but this will be resolved once the payment clears. You may like to log out and log back in to refresh your account.

Reset as advised and all is good now - thanks everyone.

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