Zwift Subscription Renewal via Apple Pay

My Zwift subscription renewal does not work properly via Apple Pay. Everything looks fine in Apple Pay, but ended up in trial mode today. Help please!

Hi @Martin_Trudelle

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I’m sorry that you’re having this issue. I’ve looked at your account and refreshed our system, but there seems to be a hang up between our servers and Apple. It could be a delay in the servers talking which does happen, but one thing you can try is when you log in, click on “Restore Purchase”.

It should reroute you to your iTunes account and refresh our system with your paid subscription with iTunes and fix that trial message.

Give that a try and reach out to us if you’re still having issues.


There is no “Restore Purchase” link in the latest version of Zwift on Apple TV. Please verify the troubleshooting process. Thank you!

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Hi @Frank_Cao

You are correct, the process has changed a little bit since the new home screen, check out our support article for that updated process.

A majority of renewal/cancel/pause problems reported here seem to affect payment via iTunes. Consider paying on the Zwift website.

It’s very likely that Zwift did it on purpose to discourage users pay via Apple App Store - this saves them “apple tax”.

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The instructions in the link is useless, I cannot see the Restore Purchase button using the newest version, and when I visit the Join website, there is simply no way to re-active the account.

I also replied to the agent in email after sending an email to Zwift. Please update your FAQ timely to avoid further confusion.

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When Zwift doesn’t implement something in the best way, in my experience it’s rarely intentional. Anything that costs them timely renewals harms the company. Good luck!

With the new version of the Zwift UI, if you renew via Apple and this doesn’t register with Zwift, ride to the end of the 25km free trial and you will get a pop-up to join - the link to restore purchase is on that screen. Click the link and your subscription should work (did this today and it worked).

Yeah the problem with paying directly from certain countries could be that the exchange rate makes that considerably more expensive than the standardized Apple subscription rate.

I’m sorry to hear that you are having trouble renewing your Zwift subscription via Apple Pay
Sometimes this happens