Free Trial Expired Apple Subscription

How can I contact Zwift support? (not chatting with a dumb robot)

My frustration level is high right now. I Renewed my membership 6 days ago, the money is drawn from my bank account the same day, but I´m still not a current member…?
It still says “Freetrail expired” and " Upgrade Today So That You Don’t Miss Out On Any Miles Or Smiles."
I just did! I missed out todays WTRL race because of this…

Let me guess, you subscribed by apple pay rather than directly on the zwift site

Always done that before without issue?
Do you know whats the problem or what to do?

couple of posts on the subject

Maybe of some help, think the general consensus is cut out the middle man in future and subscribe via zwift website

I hear that if you just keep pestering the bot and telling it what it says isn’t working, you can eventually get through to a real person. Haven’t done it myself though.

No matter what you hear from Zwift support, the long term fix is to not pay via Apple. Pay on the website and this will not happen. If I were in your shoes I would try to get a refund from Apple so I could pay directly.

Thanks for your answers.

I contacted Apple and asked for a refund. Shouldn’t be a problem they said.
I will from now on subscribe directly on Zwift website.

Thanks again…