Trial Expired when paid up member

So, I’m riding and a message pops up asking me to join Zwift Unlimited. As I’m already a paying member I tapped “not now” and then got a message pop up telling me “Trial Expired”. I was able to finish the ride, albeit with TRIAL EXPIRED plastered along the bottom of the screen, but the drops stopped accumulating as soon as the message appeared.

I’ve emailed support but concerned they won’t get back to me before I want to ride again. Anyone know how to prove to the Zwift app I’m a member so I can ride as usual and is there any way of getting the lost drops?

Are you paying via iTunes? This sort of problem often crops up with iTunes.

I had the same problem and the response from customer services was that it would kick in if I logged in again.

I did and it worked.

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I had the same problem. Had to basically log in again and it has worked fine ever since.

Thanks to all for your responses.

Apparently it is a regular problem for those who pay through iTunes. Zwift recommended changing my payment method so I pay them directly.


This is still occurring and frankly insulting to a paid customer.
Whats worse is the dialog that pops up has a “restore purchase” link, but you can’t navigate to it or click it.
There should be some warning for anyone paying via itunes store for this behaviour, or just fix it/handle more gracefully.
I don’t have this issue with any other subscriptions via the store, so why is zwift special?

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they prolly make it annoying to dissuade you from iTunes as assume they then have to give Apple a cut :wink: