Active Membership - Trial Expired


I have an active membership, paid via Apple Pay. Checked the zwift website, the membership is active, payment has been made.

When I use zwift it says trial expired, I’ve logged out, logged back in, deleted the zwift and then reinstalled.

Same issue.



probably need to contact zwift directly with regards to this

Yep, as Rich says contact Zwift direct, not something forum can help you with. Worth checking you’re using the same email/account as you paid with obviously, but beyond that nothing much to suggest.

Typically just a timing issue, but this has bee confounded by the removal of the ‘Restore Purchase’ button. If you are on an Apple device, you might also try force-quitting the app and starting again. That often fixes the issue.

Thanks all to all who replied.

I’ve managed to get it working now.

Turned Zwift off, opened the app again and it said, your trial has expired click to sign up. Or something like that. I clicked and then got a message saying you’ve already got an active subscription.

Seems fine now, but I did lose the route completion badge as the end of trial message came up in the last 500meter of the route so it was slightly annoying

Hi @Stephen_Brooks1
Shuji at Zwift HQ here. Glad our forum regulars helped solve your Trial message question quickly.

I looked into your activities on the server end. I’m seeing you have an iPad and an iPhone running the Zwift game app, and that both of them are logged into your account at the same time. That can confuse things, and cause weird effects like a route completion badge not awarding properly.

Bottom line, especially for iOS / Android / Apple TV users is to make sure to save and upload (or trash) each session, then force-close the Zwift app. Swiping the app into the background is not the same as force-closing it.


Is there anything in the works to log people out of the Zwift instances that are not in use when a new one shows up? This seems like something people shouldn’t need to think about.

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I’ve been pushing for that to happen for a long time. It’s complicated.


Thanks, I’ll uninstall zwift form my phone.

The only reason I have it on there is to access the garage, and to amend my weight after I’ve been on the scales on the fly, as I can’t do those things on the companion app.

Thanks for the response and help

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