iOS/iPadOS and trial expired

Hi all

Is anyone else getting told by their iPhones or iPads that their trial has expired? Since I started Zwift several years ago I’ve been on a continuous monthly payment via iTunes.

I zwifter earlier today using Apple TV and didn’t see the message that both my phone and iPad show now.

Any ideas anyone?

I’ve had this appear mid-ride, even! Try clicking on ‘Restore purchase’. It worked for me.

This seems to be due to a delay between Apple receiving payment and Zwift being informed.

If I log into and look at membership it’s saying Zwift unlimited active, so something is a miss with timing somewhere on Zwift I think.

Click on the ‘Restore Purchase’ link right below the ‘Join Now’ button and you should be fine.

Looking on iTunes subscriptions apple say the next bill will land 28/2/22 so it’s probably just a delay somewhere…. I’ll see if it resets over night as it would have probably paid today ( not had the email invoice though yet)

If it’s still messing about next time I want to zwift I’ll do the restore option

Thanks for your suggestions :+1:

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For what it’s worth, my subscription renewed today, also, and my Home Screen looked like yours. I clicked ‘Restore Purchase’, Zwift checked the store, and then all was well again.

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Because Apple is very tight with their privacy Zwift relies on monthly updates from them to keep iTunes memberships active. Occasionally the update can be delayed for various reasons and cause this on the day it renews. A “Restore Purchase” will request Apple to send the update and is typically the fastest resolution but it should sort itself out fairly quick if you don’t have a ride coming up.