Trial expired error message

I have have signed up in Zwift already two years ago (monthly auto payment). Now all of a sudden it states ‘trial expired’ and can’t use Zwift! What to do? I was not even in trial! I am a paying member for many months already! Zwift help!!

Are you paying via iTunes? That is a well-known bug. Zwift doesn’t register the payment via iTunes in time, and they seem to be unwilling to do something about it. When you contact Zwift support they recommend to change the payment method.

When you log in the next time you have to select the option to restore your purchase and it will work fine.

Hi, no, I pay vis MasterCard. See below invoice I received today…

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That’s what I meant - you pay via the Apple iTunes store. Sorry if I was unclear.

Did you try the option “restore purchase“ (deutsch: “Kauf wiederherstellen“)? That always works for me, but unfortunately I have to close and re-open Zwift first which isn’t great when you’re in the middle of a race. I’ve learned to avoid Zwift events on the day of the subscription renewal, I only do simple rides.