"Free Trial Expired" ~17km in to Ven Top. Paying member for over a year

~17km into Ven Top the message “Free Trial Expired” appeared. I been signed up and paying for over a year. I noticed i got an Apple receipt pretty much the same time. Surely the system isn’t set up to expire right on the next repayment?

I clicked “Join Now” which sent me to my account page. In a fluster i changed the payment option to Paypal. Now I cannot cancel that. How can i change it back to Apple billing?

After trying “Join Now” a couple of times I hit “Not Now” which I thought was going to dump me out of the ride but luckily it did not and I was able to continue. However, despite all the info uploading I did not get the course badge. Can I get this fixed?

Can provide screen caps if required.



I had the same thing happen to me this morning. 20km into the Paris ride and "Trial Expired’. My monthly subscription through Apple had reset the day before so this was my first ride after that.

The solution I found on these forums was to start the app on iPad and then drag left on your user login name to delete it. Force quit and restart Zwift then Add an existing user and enter your email and password for your Zwift account. You should then get a big “JOIN NOW” screen but at the bottom of that is an option to “Restore subscription” (or restore payment, I can’t remember now). Click on that, log in to Apple and your subscription details should be restored (you won’t be charged again, it just seems to send your subscription details to Zwift again).

After a few restarts and password not recognized messages it seems to be working now.

For you Scott, it sounds like you need to follow the above steps (check to see what the expiration date on your Zwift sub on Apple is. Is it a month ahead?) and if that restores your suscription then contact Zwift support to refund the paypal subscription. I believe companies cannot refund Apple payments, only Apple can do that but Zwift should be able to Paypal.

Thanks. I got up and running during the ride and I’ve had no issues logging back in so it’s really just about reporting the bug, seeing if i can get the course badge and changing my billing method back to Apple.
I went through the support page to lodge a ticket but haven’t had a response (not even a ticket number emailed to me). Might try again.

Don’t email a 2nd time. The way Zwift support works is your email is put into a queue, as emails before yours are taken care of you move up, but if you email again your email goes to the back of the line (in essences deletes your earlier email place).

Due to the current influx of customers customer support was backlogged and my guess is they still are so response times take longer than normal.

As for the route badge… the answer isn’t one anyone wants to hear but no they cannot manually credit it for you.


Just found a response in my hotmail deleted items. I’m not sure how it got there as i always check message titles (including junk email) before deleting.

As you say they cannot issue the badge so i’ll have to ride it again.