Trial expire

So I was sat in a pen waiting to start a race when ‘trial expired appears’ on my screen three minutes before I’m due to start. I have been subscribed to Zwift for years with Apple Pay monthly with no issue. It is January 10th, and I get this notice and then I can’t ride!!! Tried to restore the purchase and it says error and to contact Zwift. I have emailed them but it said to try this forum in the interim. Can anyone shed any light on this?

Hi Donna - I found this in another post. Hope it helps you …

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Hi Donna. I am having the EXACT same issue. I emailed Zwift and support directed me to the Forum until they get back to me. Any luck on your end?? TYI

I fixed it. Was an issue with Apple Pay / Zwift.
Deleted my subscription on my apple I phone.
Started a new subscription through PayPal.
Fixed! Donna

Same here, it happened 5 seconds before the start of my event (maybe I should be thankful that it didn’t happen 5 meters before the finish line). About three hours before the start I had checked my iTunes account, it had been charged by Zwift for the upcoming month. So I thought I was on the safe side.

It happened a few weeks before when I rode the Surrey Hills, a few kms before I finished the route. Result: I didn’t get the badge and was really annoyed.

I have no other use for my iTunes debit, so a fix would be really welcome.