Cut Off During a Race! 🤬

So, my wife is currently pedalling away on the zwift TFA and doing really well when a notice that her ‘free trial’ is coming to an end. We’re both paid up, have been for months, and Apple Subs is showing on iPhone, paid.

What is going on???

Even more annoying it will expire before the end of her race. For a beginner this is very frustrating and demoralising.

Hi @Ian_Lyons1 welcome to Zwift forums.

Are you seeing a free trial message like this?
Image from iOS (4)
This can happen when the purchase you made via iTunes doesn’t sync up correctly. Please see the section of this page called iTunes In-Game Reactivation

No, we’ve been members for ages. Here is the message you don’t want to see mid race! (iOS still doesn’t let you upload photos from the iPhone by the way - frozen blue screen when you try! - loaded this image from the iMac. IMG_9727|666x500

Will private message you.