Subscription lost during race

Anyone any idea why when during a race tonight on the third lap I had a notice flash up that my trial had ended (or something like that) and I only had 2km left then 1 then 0. I haven’t altered any subscription settings or changed payments. I think it is the anniversary of me joining Zwift maybe the second full year but not sure how to confirm that as when I go on iTunes all it says is next payment taken on 14th march.
It kicked me out of a race and being the 4th rider and needing 4 to finish ruined it for the other 3 riders in my team?

Separate from the issue of your sub not being over, I thought that Zwift didn’t kick you out of your current activity when you went over the 25km–just that it wouldn’t let you start a new one. Maybe that’s not right.

That’s my understanding too, you can complete the current activity when you have reached the 25Km threshold, if you click the “not now” button. The remainder of that activity will still get XP, but the drops counter freezes and you will not get a new route complete badge reward iirc.

That would make it worse if I could have continued and I stopped.

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David Fraser

If memory serves me right this used to be a big issue on AppleTV, because the “Not now” button caused your avatar to stop, and the “Restore Purchase” button only worked after your next login. Not sure if this has ever been fixed.

Either way, your race would likely have been hurt–even if it had just been a matter of flailing around (in my case it would be frantic flailing) to dismiss a popup. But definitely if your avatar had stopped like Kerstin is indicating it might have.

Thanks for info everyone

I’ve heard back from Zwift.
This is their response-

Thanks for contacting us today, my name is Ulder, a Support Specialist here at Zwift. I’m sorry to read when you log in you have a message which says you have 25 km of the free trial, I understand how concerned this could be, you did a great job by sending us the screenshot, and I will be happy to assist you today.

After checking your account I am able to see your membership is showing active and you should be able to use it with no more issues, I will highly suggest you try signing out and signing in back again making sure you are using the correct email account.

Keep in mind that In rare instances, processing delays for memberships paid with iTunes can result in an in-game message saying your membership needs to be paid. This can happen if you log in to ride on the same day your payment is due from Apple and will be resolved once the payment clears.

*So I take from this it’s an anomaly and bad luck with timing with monthly iTunes payments
that during the race was the exact time my subscription renewed and there was an overlap between iTunes and Zwift that lead to it thinking I was just signing up.

A friend of mine solved this by canceling his subscription at the end of his 30-day-period and then renewing it shortly after midnight (he never zwifts between midnight and 6 am). This way he ensures that the iTunes payment is definitely being passed through in time, he never saw the message again.

Delays when paying via iTunes are a routine source of frustration. You can avoid it by paying Zwift directly on their website, if that’s an option for you.

Brilliant. Thanks Kerstin that’s a great idea as I have the fear this will happen again in a race.
Great work around.

Thanks again