Paying account reverted to free trial

Posting behalf of a club mate, meant to be racing ZRL in 2 hours so hoping it’s a quick fix!

She’s got a full Zwift account, has done for some time, but today got a message for “25km free trial remaining”.

Any ideas what might be the problem and how to fix?

If she is on ATV just click the ‘Restore Purchase’ button on the World Selection screen. If on another platform I’m not sure.

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That was my first thought, too. Same can occur on iPad and iPhone.

Payments going through Apple/iTunes cause this often due to a disconnect between payment being made to Apple and Zwift being informed.

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Was looking a little further and found this article on Zwift Insider, with an illustration:

Is this that what your teammate is seeing? As Nigel says, clicking ‘Restore Purchase’ should sort out the anomaly.

Here’s to a good race!

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All sorted, thanks all!