Zwift paid via iTunes but still on 25km left

I’ve been in and out of zwift for a few years and always used iTunes subscription on my iPhone. Renewed today then logged on via Apple TV and says I’ve 25km left but there is no restore purchase button as would have had previously on the old home screen.

Tried logging out and in. Also on iPad, AppleTv and iPad and same issue. After a 24km cycle I went back in and it was reset to 25km.

Any ideas how to resolve or do I need to contact Zwift directly?


Have you tried force-quitting the app on your ATV and/or unplugging the ATV for a bit and then starting it back up again? There are some other threads about the ‘missing’ Restore Purchase’ button, also, so you might want to search for those.

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Hi @Scott_Rodham-Boyd

Thanks for bringing this up. iTunes membership are third party memberships and sometimes there can be a delay in our system being updated. I’m sorry that it didn’t resolve itself in a couple of hours. I took a look at your account and manually refreshed our system. It’s showing as active now and you should be good to go.

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Next time you pay Zwift, don’t use iTunes. 99% of payment problems happen that way.


What other payment methods are there? I have been paying via iTunes for years, generally without issue, and continue to do so because people (the kids) can then get me iTunes gift cards for holidays and keep me riding, instead of getting me something I don’t really need. Since Zwift did away with gift cards have been under the impression the only other options are iTunes or attaching a credit card to your account.

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My husband also prefers payment via iTunes. He solved the problem by cancelling the Zwift membership at the end of the 30-day-period, then renewed the subscription at 10:30 pm (he never zwifts between 10 pm - 7 am). At 7 am next morning the payment is being registered by Zwift, we’ve had no further issues.

I use PayPal.

Me too. Never had an issue with payment.

Hi. This has now happened again - please can you reset it? I purchased 10 hours ago and still showing I have 25km remaining.

I am having this exact problem! Please can you help? Tnx

Hi @Neil_Taggart,

Since this is account related, we handle those by email/chat in our support channels. I can see that you have already reached out, they should have got that straightened out for you.