Zwift says 25km remaining

Today when I started Zwift it tells me I’ve got 25 km remaining and I’ve apparently just ridden 15 kms because on screen it now says “Only 10 km of free trail remaining.”

Checked my account on and it says membership is active and auto-renews August 2023.

So … do I need to do anything? I guess I’ll find out if I get kicked in another 10 kms.

It showed the screen asking if I want to sign up or not yet. Got me dropped from the pace group but clicking not yet let me keep riding. Restarted Zwift and no longer says anything about it. But it’s still an annoying bug.

Hi @John_Bowers

Sorry to hear that you’d run into that issue with your account. From what you’ve described, it sounds suspiciously like a payment bug. I’d suggest you reach out to our support team, and we’re happy to take a closer look at your account to investigate this further.

You can reach us here.


This has happened to me twice now. Today when I signed on and a couple of months ago. I rebooted, signed in again, but no change. Decided to ride even tho the msg is annoying and after a few minutes it went away. Is this a known bug? Is there a workaround?

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This sometimes happens to me when my iOS subscription is monthly renewed and isn’t synced with my Windows10 Zwift app/account.

Only solution for me is to log out of Windows, Log in on iOS and select “restore purchase”, log out on iOS and back on Windows…
Not sure if this could be your issue too/solution ?

There’s another topic on the forum on this - somewhere :wink:


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same issue here. Resumed my sub last night, about 12h ago, after the payment went through I still had “25km remaining” drove for 23 of them and went to bed. Next morning, now, still same issue.

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same issue today when i want to reactivate my account. payment went through fast (paypal) but still says “7km remaining” (rode 18km a few days ago). hope it will work in the evening when i zwift!

@Steven_D any news on this?

Hi @Andreas_Fitz

I noticed you contacted our support team via email regarding this matter and it seems they’ve taken care of you.

As for the known issue, it’s a long standing issue and I don’t have any more information at this time as to when a fix may be expected. This Forums thread has been tagged with the appropriate bug report number, however, for added visibility to Zwift’s developers.

If you’re looking for a possible workaround, the best way to avoid running into this issue going forward is to cancel the Apple subscribed Zwift membership and change your payment method by subscribing directly to Zwift via the website. You can find more information about how to do so in this article.

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Happened to me 2x in the past 6 months, and again this morning.

Zwift should bring bqck the “Restore Purchase” button like in the old app.

I was limited to train for 20kms only, very annoyed.

Get your act together zwift and fix this issue!

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Year 2023!

Still same problem. Please do not develop Zwift. Where is my restore purchase button?

My credit card expired on apple store and I bought with new one. One week and 25 km problem.


This is what will happen.

At 10km to go on your free 25km a countdown will appear on the screen.

When the countdown gets to zero a popup will appear saying your 25km has expired and will give you two options. One is to enter payment details and the other is NOT NOW.

Click on the NOT NOW option and the popup will go away and you can continue riding (beyond the free 25km).

After ending your ride the next time you start Zwift there will be a warning that your 25km has expired and there will be a “Restore Purchase” button (which should work, I haven’t tested that particular bit).

So, to get to the “Restore Purchase” button you have to use all of the 25km trial first. Only after the free trial kms have been used will the “Restore Purchase” button appear on the home screen.

Which is not how Zwift used to work, the “Restore Purchase” button was always on the home screen if you had dropped back to the free trial.

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Here is a screenshot of that screen you will see after the 25km trial has expired. You can see the teeny weeny little “Restore Purchase” link down on the left just above the LATER button. You only get to see this screen after you have used the free 25km first.

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