Payment issues, member since 2015

Created my zwift account way back 2015, now im back and it says 7kms remaining upgrade

So i decided to pay $15 for the sub, my debit mastercard sent and sms for the confirmation of my payment

Now log on to zwift android, it now says free 25kms,
Zwift on for 25kms and it now says trial expired

I canr ride anymore, it has only been 24 hours

Note: i paid via desktop pc, i cant pay using mobile android
Im using android to zwift

Please help

Are you using same email address that you use to sign up?


I sent an email to zwift support, pm zwift on fb msgr, will check if they have chat support

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Yup, using the same email to login to zwift and to pay the sub

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The same with me. And I’m receiving just automatic answer from the support. :frowning:

Today will finish my trial mode and I don’t know what to do.

I resolved my issue by using a different card, i used a visa card and works like butter

Been zwifting like everyday now