Credit Card Payment

Dutch shops are out of membership cards, so I decided to pay by credit card for once (I prefer not to use my cc on the internet). Yesterday (October 8th) I did and it said it would take € 15,- out of my account monthly. This I do not want so I cancelled the automatic renewal. You would think that now I am able to use Zwift until November 8th, but no. In my account it says: Expires Oct 15, 2020

Have I just paid € 15,- for 7 days?
If so, it does not seem fair to me.

That doesn’t seem right. You will need to contact support for all payment issues. Good luck! Remember, the more times you email them the longer it will take, so just send one message and wait patiently.

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Thank you!
I’ve just sent them a message.

Have the money been drawn from your creditcard?
Maybe you are just on the 7 day trial!

You’re probably right.